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Lessons From Trading The Market - Klyn Akwarandu

Grab the lessons from trading the market and get insights.

Q. What should someone focus on learning if they want to become a trader?

I know that it might seem like a very weird answer, but that’s the truth. What many new traders think they need to learn is what actually frustrates them at the end of the day. You learn all the TA your head can carry and the ones that’ll give you headaches but because of your lack of self-control, you’ll end up abusing your learned knowledge because you want the market to necessarily favor you.

Q. What is the most you've lost in one go?

A. $1000+

Q. What is the most you've made in one go?

A. $1500+ this was in a space of 30-45 min. Grew the account from $189 to $1500+

Q. How did you start trading?

A. Crypto: Spot Trading, at the time I didn’t even know it was called spot trading. I would just buy and sell after a few days, weeks or months.

Q. How many years have you been trading?

A. Actively 3 years

Q. Which market are you very good with and why?

A. I would say GOLD, Stock Indices and a little bit of Crypto just because these markets are not for the faint-hearted, they have a way of humbling you.

Q. Why did you start trading?

A. The very OBVIOUS reason…lol... MONEY

Q. Do you think trading is a viable source of income or a valuable skill for 2023?

A. YES of course it is.

Q. What are the myths about trading?

A. That every trader is RICH. This one is a big lie, for every trader who has made $500,000, there is a loss of over $1m that you may never know about. Experienced traders wear more scars than meets the eye.

Q. What are the things you wished someone had told you before you started trading?

A. You won't get rich in a year. Get a job you can touch with your bare hands, more screen time doesn’t necessarily mean more profits. Sleep more, go out and have fun